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LED Video Wall vs Projector – The Benefits Explained

LED Video Wall vs Projector

Anyone who has an interest in the technology industry knows that LED video walls are hot right now.

LED video walls have become the new standard for large format commercial displays. They feature in education facilities, sports bars, shopping centres, airports, museums and other public places. The new technology is used to add creativity to advertising, entertain on another level, and even improve communication spaces in corporate buildings.

Traditionally, multimedia projectors have been widely used as the preferred large format display solution. However, with the advancement and changes in technology, indoor LED wall solutions have become a more popular choice in recent years, creating a more vivid experience for users.

It is important to remember, however, that the fact that something is new and high-tech doesn’t guarantee that it is the best solution.

When considering a large-format display that goes beyond traditional flat-panel sizes, you must understand the key factors that differentiate one solution from another.

To help you understand the best option between LED media walls and projectors, we have analysed both based on the following factors:


Image Quality

A next generation LED video wall produces a richer and brighter image. Although large-format projectors have made significant strides in quality and crispness, there are still some drawbacks. An image must be projected onto a screen and reflected off that screen by a large projector to be perceived by observers. The projection screen reflects ALL light in the area, meaning ambient lighting and daylight reduce perceived image brightness and contrast.

Since LED video walls are direct emission, their images remain brighter, are higher contrast and produce more natural colours. Specification listings often demonstrate this difference. The brightness of a projector is measured in lux. Meanwhile, the brightness of a LED video display is measured in NITs. The brightness of a single NIT is three times higher than that of a single lux, and modern LED video walls can provide thousands of NITs per display. Projector light sources simply cannot compete.

LED video walls also provide better colour contrast and richness. It is difficult for projectors to produce highly saturated colours, predominantly black. When projected images are displayed, the result is a bit of a washed-out appearance unless you are in a completely darkened room.

Projectors also lose their brightness well before LED displays, which may accentuate this brightness, contrast, and saturation advantage over time.

When all the factors are considered, video walls become the obvious choice in any situation where the display must contend with ambient or environmental light. When used outdoors or in large settings, where ambient light would be too much for most large projectors, LED displays are significantly more effective.


Economic Value

Depending on the required configuration, LED walls will initially cost 15%–50% more for a comparable image size but with much higher brightness and contrast comparable to projectors.

LED-wall prices keep falling as demand rises and audio-visual technology develops to utilise their vivid displays and high contrast ratios. LED Video walls are a wise investment because of their adaptability, usability, and high-quality output that will satisfy even your most discerning clients and viewers.

The leading AV company in Melbourne, Serity, is available to assist you in creating the perfect media wall display solution that your business requires. Contact us for a free quote today.


Wow Factor

Businesses and organisations are concentrating on improving the value they offer to their customers, employees, and stakeholders as a strategy to boost engagement and attendance. People are connecting in ways that were never possible before, thanks to video conferencing, nationwide simulcasts, and live events. You need the best image quality and brightness to keep audiences interested. Creating a dynamic, captivating, and sensory-stimulating environment is crucial.

Companies can install interactive multi-touch LED video walls, which offer up to 32 touch points for multiple customers, students or employees to use this solution at any time. For a completely collaborative and inclusive experience, consider an interactive video wall instead of a projector.

With advanced production systems and unbeatable specifications in most video wall projects, businesses can level up their production value with a shallow learning curve for their staff to use them efficiently and maintain the “wow” factor and create unparalleled impact for passers-by.


Final Thoughts

There are a few benefits to projectors that make them a desirable choice for some people. Their initial investment is low. They are simple to locate, and many people know how they work. For many requirements, especially when it comes to outdoor displays, their drawbacks make them an unusable option. Their low contrast ratio and brightness will appear outdated to today’s discerning audiences. Compared to LED panels, they can have moving parts like lamps, fans, filters, etc., that need more maintenance and replacement more frequently.

Nowadays, LED screens are not as expensive as they once were. Video walls are more dependable, flexible in setup and arrangement, including being able to create curved and custom shapes, and cost-effective throughout the product’s life. For many customers, projection-based displays are an unappealing and burdensome option due to their hidden costs, including screens and darkening a room with blackout curtains.

Costs are ultimately secondary to the fundamental objective of giving the client an effective system that produces results that cannot be contested. Given this, an LED media wall is, without a doubt, the best option for your business or event.

Serity is an industry leader in LED video walls and one of Melbourne’s premier audio-visual companies. Book a chat with us today to discuss how video walls can add value to your business today.


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