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How installing a Sonos can help you optimise your audio at home or work

How installing a Sonos can help you optimise your audio at home or work


Sonos: What exactly is it?

Sonos is one of the leading home audio companies in 2022. The company sells high-quality speakers that feature multi-room capabilities. This allows you to listen to music, radio, podcasts etc around your entire home. Sonos offers an easy integration solution with only power and Wi-Fi required, meaning no messy speaker cabling and central amplifiers with complicated distribution systems. Many traditional HiFi systems can be very large and complicated, making it impractical to install them in multiple areas around the home. Sonos integration allows you to utilise smaller, more compact speakers in multiple areas, giving you perfect audio quality wherever you go. Sonos offer a wide range of different products from small portable speakers to large powerful speakers, each with their own purpose. So how can a Sonos installation help you to optimise your home or work audio?


How does it work?

A Sonos installation uses your internet connection and Wi-FI  to stream music from a growing list of over 100 different streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple music and much more. You can also stream radio services, podcasts and audiobooks through your Sonos speaker. Streaming is done directly through the free Sonos app available on the app store or Google play store. Once downloaded, simply pair your speaker with your Wi-Fi and you’re ready to play. There are no monthly fees to pay, other than the streaming services that you already pay for. As the speakers operate over Wi-Fi, you can also connect multiple Sonos speakers to your network. You can play the same audio over multiple speakers at once, or play different audio in different rooms, all from the palm of your hand.


Sonos installations at home

With the ability to stream Hi-Fi audio in your own home across multiple speakers, the possibilities are endless. Choose from a wide variety of speakers for a range of applications that are suited to certain rooms across the house. As home theatre specialists in Melbourne, we’ll help you to choose the perfect audio system and set-up to achieve the sound you want. Some Sonos speakers can also connect to your TV providing you with enhanced TV audio or a complete surround sound system – without the need for wires to your satellite speakers.


The “Entertainment Set” is just one of the possible Sonos home theatre speaker combinations that will provide you with perfectly crisp sound and powerful bass when watching your favourite sports, TV shows or movies.  At the same time, you might have a Sonos “Move” speaker set up in the kitchen, streaming a podcast for someone else to listen to. If you’re looking to stream high-quality sports commentary through your Sonos speakers, you can try the SEN radio station to immerse yourself and experience game changing sound. You can even set up your speakers to transfer the audio as you move through the house, giving you perfect audio no matter which room you’re in.



Sonos installations for the office

Even the office space can benefit greatly from Sonos integration. Whilst the speakers are great for streaming high-quality background music, a Sonos installation is the ideal solution to achieve perfect audio for video conferencing solutions. With their Hi-Fi capabilities, the speakers can produce crystal clear audio to ensure that you can hear everyone in and outside of the office perfectly. With voice control capabilities, a Sonos speaker can also help your workspace to function smoothly. It gives anyone the ability to change the music from their desk, if you have multiple teams working in different spaces, you can connect multiple speakers for everyone to listen to the same audio, or you can control each speaker separately, allowing everyone to choose their own music.


Why choose Serity for your Sonos installation?

At Serity, we’re recognised as Sonos specialists, with the ability to create the ideal sound system for your home or office space. Once you’ve booked in a consultation, we can carry out a detailed sound mapping procedure to determine the best solution for your personal needs, whether it’s at home or in the office. We’ll work with you to establish where you will require sound, which speakers will be most relevant to you, and how you can set up your speakers for optimal performance. As an AV company servicing Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, Serity is able to provide expert solutions to large businesses as well small local businesses or homes. Whatever your needs and budget, we’re able to design a high-quality audio set-up that will meet your requirements. Organise a Sonos consultation with Serity and discover a new level of sound quality like you’ve never experienced before.


Win Sonos speakers

If you’re looking to get some Sonos speakers for your home or office, you can enter the Westan and Sonos AFL/NRL competition by clicking here. Westan and Sonos will be giving away a Sonos One each day, a Sonos BEAM once a week, and a major prize on the Grand Final of a complete Sonos surround package, including an ARC soundbar, a Subwoofer and two One SL speakers. Enter now for your chance to win.


Serity: Audio visual installations in Melbourne

If you’re interested in discovering more about how a Sonos installation could benefit you, or you’re looking to schedule in a Sonos consultation, you can contact Serity by clicking here. We’re recognised as Sonos specialists, with years of experience in providing high-quality audio-visual installations in Melbourne to many of our residential and commercial clients. Experience Sonos and get your home or office space set up with a state-of-the-art, compact, HiFi sound system today.


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