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Serity can create technology that blends cleverly into the background, but is always ready to respond when you need it to. Our home automation installation allows infinite possibilities- dim the lights, lower the blinds and turn up the music with a touch of a button, or take control of your system with voice commands.

We take voice control to an awe-inspiring new level no other company can match; easily activate pre-set scenes, adjust settings to specific levels, or say more general commands like “I’m cold” or “It’s too dark” to have your home automation system raise the temperature or turn up the lights. Whatever you need, just say the word.

The technology in your home is built to work collaboratively, providing an amazingly personalised and worry-free system that is easy for you to use, easy to modify and upgrade, and easy to maintain. Our mission to provide you with the best possible user experience is at the heart of everything we design.

Some smart home technologies we can integrate into your home include:

Control your environment with beautifully designed, easy to use touch screens. Control your lighting, adjust the temperature, put on your favourite track all at the tap of a button.

Make entertaining truly effortless. Set the mood for the party with one touch. Want different music playing in the kitchen than in the dining area? Everything is possible.

Take your viewing experience to a whole new level. Whether you’re watching your favourite show on TV, streaming a blockbuster movie, or playing a cutting- edge game in 4K Ultra HD, one touch ensures the screen you’re viewing is optimised for whatever content you choose.


Once the day is done, set the perfect scene for a family dinner or to snuggle up for a movie. As the screen drops, the lights dim, and you settle in for a perfect evening.

Keep a closer eye on your home. Crestron gives you the freedom to control your security and monitor cameras remotely, promising ultimate peace of mind.

Communicate, control, entertain and play. At the touch of a button you have the ultimate in-home control.

Be in command wherever you happen to be. Turn up the heat before you arrive home on a chilly night or let in a guest to your home while sitting in your office. You can check security cameras, turn on sprinklers, adjust the lights and blinds and much more.

Link a motorised blind system to transform any room into a more spectacular space.

Set the perfect temperature from anywhere in the world. If it’s cold outside, your home will adjust perfectly to keep you warm, or if it’s too hot set the climate to cool. Intuitive, sophisticated climate control for every season.

Create your dream smart home

We take great pride in working in conjunction with homeowners, architects, builders and other trades to successfully incorporate the smart home solutions that suits your needs.

Whether you are looking to create a state-of-the-art home theatre room, incorporate a home office to a fully integrated home automation system build, Serity are here to help bring your dream home into reality. Contact us today to see how you can experience the difference.

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