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If your business is looking to improve its business efficiencies with wayfinding and room booking systems, Serity are here to tailor a simple-to-use solution to suit the needs of your business, no matter the size or configuration of your office.

Room scheduling can do more than make it easy to book a meeting space. Room scheduling systems can gather critical intelligence for optimising your investments in space and technology, whilst facilitating productivity. A well-designed workplace management system creates new possibilities so that your organisation keeps moving forward.

Straightforward booking systems tailored to you.

Benefits of installing a workplace management system

Room Bookings

  • Meeting participants can reserve and schedule rooms in advance to ensure availability of the room, social distancing, and that the appropriate technology is present.
  • Room availability and meeting information can be displayed on the room scheduling panel outside of the meeting space, confirming that the participants are in the right location.
  • Employees are able to see from a distance if a meeting space is available, eliminating unnecessary movement of employees searching for a room.
  • Sensors can “turn on” rooms as the meeting participants enter, and initiate touch-free room/device automation. Occupancy sensors are cost-effective and can be located almost anywhere in the room.

Health and Safety

  • A “cleaning status” can be displayed on the panel outside the room and on the table indicating the room and equipment have been cleaned. This cleaning mode can also be used to measure and track the cleaning schedule of rooms.
  • A flat panel display on the wall provides information about the meeting and important health and safety information.

Room operations

  • Meeting participants can now initiate videoconference calls using voice activation.
  • A wireless presentation system enables an automated room and allows participants to present and collaborate wirelessly. This is the brains of the room, but there’s no need to touch.
  • As participants can wirelessly share and present content, and control the room touch-free, participants can use their own mobile devices and laptops rather than communal touchscreens enabling the user to control the entire experience without needing to touch any cables.
  • The media presentation can be distributed to displays in overflow rooms for more workers to view in real-time whilst maintaining room occupancy quotas.

Workplace Management

  • A cloud platform enables AV/IT departments and help desks to remotely deploy, manage, and monitor room and device usage.
  • People counters send data and provide analytics to a cloud platform, helping to ensure rooms are not overcrowded. People-counting also enables managers to understand the utilization of spaces to calculate real estate needs.

Workplace management systems anyone can use

Our workplace management systems can be designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems such as your email platform to ensure anyone can use it. If you are interested in discussing your wayfinding and room booking systems with our team of experts please contact us today.

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