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Media Walls can take many forms and serve a range of differing purposes. In essence, Media (or Video) Walls are large format displays, constructed using a matrix of smaller displays combined to create a single large moving image.

Physical designs include arrangements of flat panel displays, LED tiles and even multiple high-gain projectors – linked using advanced controllers to create one single large picture. This is a simple way to achieve a large display without sacrificing on the quality of the imagery. 

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Media Walls were once the preserve of large outdoor billboards, scoreboards, operations centres, and live stages. While all of these applications and platforms still exist, large format displays of this type are becoming increasingly common in education, corporate boardrooms, and even private homes. Your media walls or video walls can now be flat, curved or layered geometrically to create a sense of immersion and experience for your clientele.

Creating large images previously required a projection system and separate screen surface. These solutions are effective, but often lack the brightness of other displays. However, as technology makes continual advances the cost to install large composite displays constantly decreases. Many people are surprised to discover that a bright high-definition display (which instantly turns on, and has no cooldown cycle) can attract little, or no, additional cost when compared to a projection system of the same specification. A projector also cannot be split into multi screens like a media wall, which is beneficial when you want to add depth to a project by playing different media at different times.

At Serity we have a range of experienced engineers and installers within our team that boast over 20 year’s experience installing media and video walls. Our company has long-term direct relationships with innovative product manufactures. As a result, our team of skilled engineers and installers consistently receive the latest in training & support directly from the product designers themselves.

Our designers are especially skilled at helping customers navigate the broad range of available options. We know the right questions to ask to ensure we match the right technology to your project requirements. We have the expertise and experience in-house, to ensure a reliable and cost-effective result. If you would like to have a discussion with our team of experts about a media wall for your home or business, please contact us today.

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