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Digital signage installation can be a major advantage in the workplace, as it allows a wide range of communication functions using a highly interactive platform.
In recent years digital signage has begun to morph from a nebulous buzz-word into a valuable communication tool. Once considered not much more than a digital-poster, digital signage now provides services that range from large billboards through to interactive displays like wayfinding and info boards.
Without purpose-built solutions, based upon a complete understanding of the customers’ specific requirements, many digital signage systems are seriously underutilised and ultimately abandoned. Our team has significant experience with the vast variety of hardware and software solutions, and have become experts at matching systems with customers.

Lighting the way is simple!

Digital Signage for the office

Digital displays can communicate and direct staff and stakeholders in many ways including:

  • Determining which rooms are free or occupied
  • Serve as a relay point for counting the number of employees present at a particular area
  • Indicate the scheduling of breaks to avoid gatherings, etc.
  • Actions that the company must take to reassure employees’ sense of safety in the office, at production sites, and other remote on-site workspaces
  • Ensuring contactless access to areas throughout the workplace
  • Displaying safety instructions and company information on screens
  • Providing adequate and dynamic real-time wayfinding to manage the flow of people and more.

Digital signage for retail

With the ability to change your signage and artwork without replacing them, digital signage can save you time, money and energy long term.

Digital displays can enhance your retail or hospitality business in many other ways including:

  • Attract passers-by with eye-catching displays
  • Enhance consumers’ shopping experience
  • Promote specific products or services to a targeted audience
  • Influence purchasing decisions
  • Deliver scheduled content to save on printing costs (ie – different time of day)

Enhance your communication with automated digital signage

Our team of experts can program your digital signage to run on a schedule that suits your business and clientele. We can install automatic timing devices which allow you to display daily reminders, different messages at different times, themes for different occasions and even employ automatic on/off scheduling around your work hours. Not only can this save you time, but it allows you to increase your profitability by strategically optimising your advertising.

Learn more about the benefits of installing digital signage in your workplace.

At Serity, we design a range of digital signage solutions for a number of local businesses. If you are interested in digital signage solutions for your workplace, contact us today.

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