Custom AV solutions Melbourne

Customised solutions tailored to your business

Have something unique in mind? Serity can design bespoke solutions to bring your ideas to life!

Our team features a broad arrangement of industry professionals and experience. It is this unique collaboration and knowledge that enables us to design and deliver out-of-the-box custom solutions.

Let’s work together and bring your ideas to life!

We have successfully implemented bespoke cutting-edge audio visual designs in the following premises:

  • Universities and TAFEs
  • Primary and Secondary schools
  • Medical Facilities Museums
  • Galleries
  • Libraries
  • Maritime Services
  • Amusement Parks and Rides
  • Rural and Remote sites
  • Manufacturing
  • Law enforcement and Courts
  • Commercial Offices
  • Defence
  • Hospitality and Accommodation
  • Apartment Developments
  • Private Homes

We specialise in a range of environments which have required very specialised solutions complete with their specific needs and limitations. With such a vast range of experience across multiple industries, there is very little we haven’t done or seen, and no challenge too complex.

At Serity we are aware of how this many varied, and highly specialised, track record provides us with the ability to service every possible client. In fact, our team relish the opportunity to participate in innovative, customised solutions and always rises to the challenge.

Using a process of close consultation with our clients, where we seek to gain a deep understanding of their requirements, a fit-for-purpose solution begins to emerge. By partnering with the customer, offering the benefit of our advice (based upon the latest product knowledge and exposure to similar systems) we can always create the perfect outcome. Our belief is that the greatest benefit comes from fitting the technology to the client, rather than simply compelling users to operate within the boundaries of what may be considered typical or common.

Get the leading edge

Unlike many other AV integrators Serity also offers design as a service. Often termed ‘Consultancy’, we work with architects, builders, property developers and end users to develop system designs. The schematics and plans we generate are then used by our clients to seek quotes and guide integrators in the delivery of the final works. This advanced capability has a direct influence on the character of our own delivery work – and shines through in the quality of our documentation.

In short, we have extensive experience in creating bespoke solutions that integrate the built environment and latest technologies. If you are looking for a leading edge against your competitors, or you have an idea but you’re not sure how to bring it to life, contact our consultants today. 

Are we the integration partner you have been searching for?