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7 Ways to Optimise Your Office Efficiency with Technology

Efficiency is perhaps one of the most critical concerns of any office. However, you cannot expect employees to be productive if the tools to improve productivity are non-existent. For this reason, here are 7 ways to optimise your office efficiency with technology.

  1. Room Scheduling Apps

Taking time to manually coordinate schedules in this era is a waste of time. Now you can utilise tools that enable you to automate them. Specific workplace management systems can enable you to develop many aspects of your office. From room booking schedules, to automatically setting meeting reminders, as well as delivering messages and emails via wall panels. You can even utilise programmed motion sensors to prepare the room before the meeting begins. With these processes, important information is relayed as quickly as possible, and work can begin sooner. It also becomes a lot easier to restructure repetitive paper-based processes.

  1. Interactive Digital Display

Never has it been so difficult to get employees to attend the office on a regular basis. Finding solutions to keep employees and customers interested and engaged has become a priority. Installing interactive digital signage allows you to mark-up digital reports. This is done via a touch screen, where you can save and email annotations, collaborate as a team, and much more, all in exceptional ultra-HD resolution. When set up by a professional AV company, these innovative interactive screens can start up almost instantly. With one-touch start-up, and no messy chords, digital displays can essentially create a digital whiteboard. Not only does this minimise the time spent using multiple platforms to share ideas, or copy them, but it is also highly engaging.



  1. Video Conferencing Systems

Video conferencing has become the norm when it comes to smoothly running engaging meetings remotely. In a world where there are now so many platforms to communicate, meeting online helps reduce miscommunication from other sources such as messages and emails. According to SHRM miscommunication can cost organisations with 100 employees up to $420,000 annually.

Video helps keep us connected to colleagues, stakeholders and clients when we can’t physically meet with them. These meetings can be initiated within seconds, via a touch-free work environment. Almost any scenario or space can be transformed into a virtually touch-free work environment to easily collaborate with others. Using a combination of sensors and commands, you can instantly start and share presentations virtually, via video conferencing. It has never been easier to connect seamlessly, increase engagement and reduce time spent setting up and managing meetings.

  1. Digital Wayfinding Signage

Digital wayfinding signage is the perfect way to direct the flow of people in your organisation, or visiting the premises. These interactive wayfinding touch screens are easily mounted on the wall, and can help users find staff members, rooms, meetings and general facilities. They can also display helpful health and safety information, timetables, room bookings and directories. These can be setup on timers and schedules to deliver the right information at the right time, or simply used as a display board.

  1. Declutter Your Workspace

Having a clear picture of what is required for your day helps keep your mind clear and focused on the tasks at hand. One of the best ways to improve your productivity is to have two monitors side by side. Compared to having just a single monitor, having two monitors enable you to display more than one program simultaneously. This can help you finish your task quicker and much easier. So, if your office has just a single monitor per station, you should consider getting a second monitor. This will help to optimise your office efficiency. It is also a good idea to ensure your workspace is not full of unnecessary chords for older monitors or printers. You can waste a lot of time unplugging chords, finding the right chords to use, or simply sifting through the mess they make! A lot of technology can be run wirelessly nowadays, so consider saving yourself some time with older connections.



  1. File-Sharing Technology

Every office should have file-sharing technology to optimise its efficiency. Consider the minutes or hours wasted during the day while one staff member waits for another to send a file they need in order to finish a task. You should also consider how much stress it takes to track changes made in a file that gets transferred from one person to another. If you don’t want this to continue happening in your office, then you need to leverage file-sharing technology to eradicate manual file sharing. This helps to cut down mistakes while increasing overall productivity in your office.

  1. Consider outsourcing your AV integration

If technology is not your thing, it can be advantageous to consider outsourcing your integrated systems to a professional. A professional AV company will install your integrated systems with the future in mind, and optimal efficiency. This can drastically improve your chances of saving time and increasing engagement. If you develop a great relationship during installation, your AV company will likely be able to help manage your systems ongoing, so you can spend more time doing the things you love.


Choosing not to invest in the required technology can sap productivity in your office. For this reason, if you want your workers, individually and as a whole to maximise their potential at work, you need to invest in the right technology that optimises their efficiency and enables them to accomplish a lot more. If you would like to learn how your business can run more efficiently, book a chat with our AV specialists today. Serity is a Melbourne Audio Visual Company, delivering streamlined hybrid solutions for offices in and around Melbourne Victoria.


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