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5 amazing advantages of installing digital signage in your workplace

The traditional use of posters and banners have slowly become outdated with the arrival of digital technology. Now, we are able to communicate messages digitally that are not only easy to interpret as a consumer, but easy to manage and analyse as a business owner. There are many advantages of installing digital signage in your workplace, and we will help you explore the benefits below.

1 – Digital Signage Provides Attention Grabbing Visibility

LED Digital signage is extremely visible and easy to interpret. It is almost guaranteed to capture the attention of passers-by, stakeholders and employees. With technology being so prominent in our daily lives, we tend to look past stagnant posters and print. Instead, we find ourselves searching for a captivating digital solution to grab our attention and entertain us.

Not limited by the boundaries of print, you can easily influence consumers with moving image campaigns, a video series, creative branding and innovative promotions and advertisements, all with the touch of a button.

2 – Digital Signage Can Influence Purchasing Decisions

Digital signage is a dynamic form of advertising, and can be used strategically to influence how a consumer spends their money. We all think about positioning digital signage in the windows of our shops to drive traffic into our stores, but how can we use them effectively inside?

Similar to the masterful positioning of lollies and chewing gum at the checkout of the supermarket, you can strategically install digital signage at your point-of-sale counters or in changerooms. Here you can promote sale items, educate consumers on your company and products and even promote your own social media pages. Some companies are starting to use digital signage to display product availability and mapping in real time to reduce the cost of employees and wait times.

3 – Digital Automation Will Save You Time

The content that you display through your digital signage can be created through an automated system that runs itself around your schedule.

If you wanted to display daily reminders or a daily schedule, the message being displayed can be automatically refreshed as often as required to constantly display the new information. Automatic timing devices can be paired with the digital signage which will automatically switch the signage to display different messages at any time, or turn the system on and off around your opening hours.

You also have the capability to setup themes for different occasions. Imagine one set of advertisements for weekday shoppers and another for weekend shoppers. Or you may have specific ads for bright, sunny day and a different message for the colder, rainy days. With automated digital signage you can strategically optimise your advertising campaigns to increase your profits.

At Serity, we have developed an automated signage system that can be managed remotely. This system includes message scheduling, out of hours updates and maintenance and a single point of control for multiple screens in multiple locations for consistent brand messaging. If you are interested in learning more about our digital signage solutions please contact us (link to contact us page) today.

4 – Digital Signage Can Improve Workplace Safety & Communication

Due to the flexible and customisable nature of digital signage, important messages can be displayed instantaneously to alert employees to any potential hazards or dangers within the workplace.

If an incident occurs on a factory floor, it is important to spread the message to all employees immediately. A digital signage installation can be utilised to communicate directly and effectively to all the relevant employees at one time.

Digital signage can engage employees immediately. Workplaces that use digital signage to engage employees report 48% fewer safety incidents on average. The signage can also be used to display safety reminders and training on screens around the workplace, promoting safety and reducing the number of safety incidents.

With the rise of digital technology, employees are now communicating with each other more than ever before. From excessive emails and phone calls to online company message boards, employees are bombarded with hundreds of messages each day, and unfortunately messages can become lost in the mix.

Digital signage creates a solution to this problem, allowing the most important messages to be communicated directly to the employees who need the information.

5 – Digital Signage Is Cost Effective

With the ability to consistently change your signage and artwork without having to replace them, a digital signage system will ultimately save you a great deal of money.

Traditional signage requires costly printing, as well as delivery and installation fees, unlike LED digital signage. You also won’t require a costly design team. A professional digital signage installation can be setup to import media including videos and images for your signs.

There are customisable templates available for your signage with automated media, which can eliminate the need for an in-house design team, or you can choose to repurpose content from your online advertising and promotions.

After installing a digital signage system, you also have the option to sell advertising space to businesses that reflect well on your own brand positioning. This is ideal for retail and restaurant businesses as the signage will generally be displayed to customers. For example, a café in an industrial estate may choose to sell advertising to Bunnings Warehouse to target their ideal customers in their lunchbreaks.

Important Considerations Before Installing Digital Signage

Different workplace environments require different things from their signage. Before installing a digital signage solution, ensure that you have discussed a strategic plan for positioning, function and ongoing support with your digital signage installer. Digital signage can be a large investment so it is important that you have a team supporting your plans to produce the best results!

At Serity, we have a team of design engineers, licensed electricians and technicians to provide assistance every step of the way, from initial enquiry through to installation and ongoing support.

Digital signage can provide an array of benefits for your business. From increasing your brand awareness, to improving the safety of your workplace, a digital signage installation can benefit your business in a number of ways. At Serity, we provide a number of local businesses with digital signage in Mornington and the surrounding suburbs. If you require digital signage solutions for your workplace, contact us or call us today on 1800 SERITY (737 489).


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