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5 advantages of using digital signage in schools

Communication is critical when it comes to a schooling environment, and there are many ways in which can deliver information to students.

Whether you send paper notes home with your students to give to their parents, use social media, or place posters around the school for the students to read, these are all ways in which teachers can communicate successfully. However, communication in schools can benefit greatly from digital signage. It’s dynamic, changing to present the information you need, as you need it. This reduces the need for a number of paper signs, posters, and letters. All of the information can be displayed on a single dynamic screen. A recent survey found that 73% of learning institutions view digital signage as a vital element in the future of communication, and for good reason. Acquire some insider knowledge from Serity, an audio-visual company in Melbourne. Keep reading to discover 5 major advantages of installing digital signage into your school.


Student engagement

Digital signage installations have been proven to achieve higher engagement rates with school-aged children when compared to traditional face-to-face teaching. Teachers are able to use digital screens to make learning exciting and interactive for their students. Digital whiteboards and displays can be used to display graphs, pictures, games and presentations. With the freedom of digital displays, teachers can prepare multiple formats and kinds of media to incorporate into their lessons. This allows teaching to become much more interactive. It also helps teachers to better accommodate for individual learners in the classroom. Children are growing up in a world that is more digital than ever before. Screens are commonplace in their everyday lives, and utilising something familiar to them is a great way to boost their engagement.

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Simplified commuting

Schools can be difficult for students to navigate, especially if the campus is large or there are new students attempting to find their way. Digital signage can make navigation much easier. By creating clear signage that can be changed and updated to reflect current notifications and directions, students will be able to commute much easier. If a number of classes have been relocated, the digital signage is able to display this to ensure all students know where to go. Digital signage can be used to create maps to assist students in finding certain areas or rooms on the campus. Whilst students will eventually learn the campus layout, digital navigation signs can still greatly benefit any guests, parents and other visitors who use the campus.



Consistent communication channels

School teachers and administrators often communicate with many different staff members, students and other groups within the school. Emails and letters can get lost in transit, leaving gaps in the communication lines. Digital signage set up in and around main hallways, foyers and assembly/meeting areas etc. It can be a great way to communicate a message to the masses. Any updates and announcements can be broadcasted in real-time. This allows students and teachers to stay well-informed of the current circumstances. Digital signage can be used to display test days, extra-curricular activities, competition results, events and much more.



Messages can be planned and scheduled days prior to their display. This ensures that the relevant receivers get the information they need, when they need it. This also allows teachers and other relevant parties to plan their messages in advance.  This allows everything to be taken care of when the time comes for it to be displayed. Digital signage can be scheduled to display the current weather, traffic conditions, meeting times and much more. Time-relevant updates on these daily occurrences can greatly assist students and parents in their everyday lives. For any advice on scheduling programs and how to use them to schedule content for your displays, you can contact us today. We carry out many audio-visual installations across Melbourne. We also provide aftercare and support to our clients so that they understand how to use their digital signage systems correctly.



Forget about racking up a large printing bill for all of the notices, letters, signs and posters you need to display around the school. Simply install a digital signage solution and display all of the relevant information on just a single screen. Change the information to display only what you need at certain times. Digital signage can be adapted for any situation. This completely removes the need to print and display individual notices that can get excessive and overwhelming for both students and teachers.


Investing in digital signage can greatly benefit your school. From improving general classroom engagement to creating a fluid, dynamic tool that can be used for widespread communication, digital signage is the way forward. Invest in technology that will enhance the lives of not just students and teachers, but parents too. Maximise your teaching and communication potential. If you would like to learn how your school can run more efficiently with digital signage in Melbourne, schedule a meeting with our AV specialists today. Serity is an Audio-Visual Company in Melbourne, delivering specialised digital solutions for schools in and around Melbourne Victoria.



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